Computer Tune-up

It’s similar to an oil change for your pc. Let Rapid Whiz keep everything performing smoothly. Moreover, we will help keep all your personal information protected by installing antivirus and security applications.

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What’s Included
Service Description
Carry out system updates and increase computer speed and performance, including startup and shutdown optimization, Windows updates, menu navigation improvement, quick launch and taskbar cleanup and program shortcut creation.
Setup common security capabilities, including antiphishing and pop-up blocking configuration, in your web browser of choice.
Clean up of undesired trialware, bloatware and crapware.
Establish required user accounts.
Analyze and confirm computer system hardware and software performance.
Build operating system recovery cd.
Clean dust from inside the pc including fans and components.
Resolve laptop overheating problems.
$5 off Large or Standard Data Backup Service
$5 off Antivirus and Performance Service
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