Google Challenges Microsoft Office Suite for a Share of the Enterprise Application Industry – Part 2

Should distributed version control be designed into a word processor Application? Why not just have a add on for git, mercurial, subversion, or whatever?

Google Apps for Business collaboration isn’t only DVCS – It’s real time. I’ve seen Google docs with double digit simultaneous users. That’s a bit more appealing than a git addon. Such a extension would call for regular commit, push, and pull of variations. Whether or not a git add on could attain this capability you continue to need another addon for shared document management. Google Apps for Business collaboration functions out-of-the-box together with the extra advantage of the ability to help to make a file shareable with the entire internet almost immediately.

Is it a good idea to move away from on premise Microsoft Exchange server designs to a more cloud-centric design similar to Google For Business?

We a short while ago worked with an organization who intended to employ Google Apps as a means to eradicate an on premise Microsoft Exchange server environment. The on premise MS Exchange Server maintained three basic defects: it did not communicate effectively with the community outside of the building, we lost all capability to connect by means of email during a protracted power outage despite the fact that we could nevertheless implement the Internet, and backing up the data stores was a colossal balancing act of supervising sensitive incremental and differential backup jobs along with the inconsistent granular restore “elements”.

To begin, all individuals had the option to use the MS Outlook or Google Gmail interface without mandating either or. At first, most people continue to utilized Microsoft Outlook client since they were acquainted with the interface. The operations personnel was first to move to the gmail web client as they all kept the purpose of increasing speed and effectiveness. Finance moved next because of similar reasons. Much later, sales and marketing departments moved to Gmail for a unique reason: they were making use of Google Docs to collaborate on assignments and needed to employ various Gmail – Google Docs integration capabilities. You’ll find still various hold overs for MS Outlook, nonetheless curiously as individuals retire, so does their utilization of MS Outlook as the new personnel might generally want to implement Gmail on account of familiarity.

Can you generate an argument that Google Apps offer comparable functionality to Microsoft Office or MS Office 365 programs?

It’s easy, Google Apps are certainly not as feature rich as the MS Office of Apps. Nobody who has used both MS Office/Microsofts Online Office 365 and the Google Drive web applications (Docs, Sheets, and Slides) would ever attempt to claim that Google’s products are “superior”. But the issue for Microsoft is whether Google Drive is “adequate, ” which it’s perhaps becoming. And it’s certainly a “simpler” solution in that having less features is of course less complicated.

But as web-based applications, Google Drive has usually suffered from an incredibly basic problem: They’re not created for offline utilization, so you must have an Internet connection to view, edit, or generate docs. But that’s changing. Last June, Google declared offline support for Google Drive, its word processor. And now Slides is additionally available for offline usage.

This functionality is significant for making Google Drive an acceptable solution for most end users, and it makes Google’s semi-preposterous Chromebook initiative practical. But such a device makes far more sense when there are truly useful applications accessible, especially when they may well be used offline.

In comparison to Google Drive, the Microsoft Office Wave supplies several advantages, but it’s fair to note that what Microsoft continues to disregard is the requirement for a free internet-centered productivity suite that may well be used offline. So while MS Office Internet applications continues to be a superior offering to Google Drive overall in this coming update, it nevertheless does not provide offline access.

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