Google Challenges Microsoft Office Suite for a Share of the Enterprise Application Industry – Part 1

Over a number of years Google Apps for Business incrementally (and in some cases not so slowly) bit into MS’ monopoly on business application distribution. Affordable pricing programs and simple integration sparked Googles’ validation inside the enterprise application sector. Google Apps costs $50 per year per person utilizing its Google Apps for business products. Google Apps for Business also delivers a selection of integration resources which effectively migrate Microsoft Office products to Google cloud centered systems.

We discussed with Corey O’neill of Liquid Team, a top web development & technologies solutions firm specializing in Internet, Extranet, Intranet, eCommerce & mobile solutions, to understand what she thinks of the enhanced Google offerings.

We’ve read issues that the Google spreadsheet and word processor programs really don’t wholly satisfy professional workflow demands. Do you suppose Google Apps product offerings will be able to replace MS and/or Word?

It’s accurate. The Google Apps Spreadsheet software lacks capabilities, such as pivot tables, critical to some business professionals. I’ve noticed a lot of businesses use Google Apps for Business exclusively to share Microsoft Office documents. It’s simply a matter of time before Google Apps Spreadsheets catch up with Excel and wipe out the requirement to create documents in one environment and share them in another – in due course enterprise will remove the added action from their workflow. Enterprises nevertheless count on Microsoft Server/Windows RDS CALS, MS Office Volume CAL’s, Citrix CAL’s and Active Directory CAL’s so that staff are able to keep productive while removed from the workplace. The rates of licenses will start to accumulate and I presume that’s why we’ve seen the emergence of MS Office 365 – to contend with Google at the mobile enterprise level.

Does MS deliver similar effortless collaboration that Google Apps delivers?

Microsoft faces problems with an increasing number of business transmission never proceeding through paper, the majority of the essential MS Office elements are actually not very vital in comparison to effortless collaboration, in fact their presence just help to make the products much more complicated.

I imagine most contemporary enterprise consumers opt for MS on account of SharePoint. In my opinion Google Apps for Business collaboration features surpass Sharepoint.

We’ve witnessed many case studies in which Microsoft Sharepoint has not been implemented correctly. I’ve seen full document versions vanish, for example. In many cases, end users have difficulty adhering to the check-in and check-out protocols. So end users end up creating their personal methodologies in order to get things to work for them, for instance keeping multiple copies of a single document and supplying each new version with a different name than the previous one – this genuinely defeats the objective of MS Sharepoint..

On the other hand, collaboration within Google Apps for Business works right out of the box.

If you happen to be considering including Google into your business workflow you may learn more about our Google Apps for Business integration services.

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