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Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to save and access your data everywhere — on the internet, on your computer, or on the go. Alter a document on the web, on your laptop, or on your cellular device and it updates on each device in which you’ve set up Google Drive. Share, collaborate, or work alone: your files, your choice.

Google Drive Homepage

All Your Data Everywhere
Place data in Google Drive and you can easily access them on your computer, smartphone or tablet, and at drive. google. com.

Access Files From Various Devices
Your files are always ready for you at drive. google. com, however you may also get them right from your laptop, cell phone, and tablet. Install Google Drive on several devices and Google Drive ensures they’re all identical. You can also get to your data after you go offline.

Always up to date
Any time your device has Internet connection, it checks in with Google Drive. That guarantees your documents and directories are continually updated. Modify an item on a single device and it changes everywhere.


Syncdocs enhances Google Drive supplying you with significant online storage functionality

Syncdocs Homepage

Effective Sync
Sync any files to Google Drive, not just the one folder Google’s client provides.
These directories may be anywhere on your computer, network or even an external hard drive. So you possess the flexibility to make Google operate the way you want it, and not obligated to employ a different folder framework.

Offline Access
Get all of your files offline. Contrary to the Google Drive client, all files are duplicated locally. This means you have a full backup, and you’ll be able to change these files when offline. When you go online again, your alterations are synced.

Multiple Accounts
Sync several accounts at the same time. Keep your home, business and Google Apps accounts all in sync all at once!

Scheduled Backups
Schedule Google Drive backups – backup once a day if you want. Your Google contact list is backed up too!

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is storage space for the Internet. Amazon S3 supplies an effective web services interface which is utilized to keep and access any volume of data, at any time, from anyplace on the internet.

Amazon AWS S3 Homepage

Content Storage And Distribution
Amazon S3 offers an incredibly sturdy and accessible store for an array of content, which range from online apps to media files. It will allow you to offload your total storage infrastructure onto the cloud, where you can take full advantage of Amazon S3’s scalability and pay-as-you-go prices to manage your developing storage requirements.

For sharing content material which can be either simply reproduced or where you’re holding a genuine backup in a different place, Amazon Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS) offer presents a convincing option. As an example, if you’re holding content in-house yet you need to deliver access to your users, channel partners, or workforce, RRS is a low-cost option for storing and sharing this information.

File backup, Archiving and Disaster Recovery
S3 features an incredibly robust, scalable, and safe choice for backing up and archiving your important files. You’ll be able to employ S3′s Versioning capability to provide even further protection for your stored data.

Data Robustness and Stability
S3 offers a very robust storage space system built for mission-critical and primary media storage. The system redundantly stores content in several facilities and on several devices in every facility.

Static Internet Hosting
You’ll be able to host your existing static site on S3 for an cost-effective, highly available internet hosting option that scales easily to satisfy traffic requirements. Self-hosting a very available website that could take care of high traffic loads is often complicated and pricey. With S3, you’ll be able to dependably serve your traffic and take care of surprising highs without having to worry about scaling your infrastructure. S3 is engineered for 99. 99% accessibility and 99. 999999999% stability, and it supplies you accessibility to the equivalent extremely scalable, trusted, and swift infrastructure that Amazon employs to manage its own worldwide system of internet sites.

Amazon AWS CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is a web service for media distribution. It integrates with additional Amazon Web Services to supply administrators and corporations an effortless means to disperse information to clients with low latency, increased data transfer rates, and no obligations.

Amazon CloudFront Homepage

Serving up Your Internet site or Internet App
You’re able to employ one single Amazon CloudFront distribution to supply your existing website, this includes both static and dynamic or interactive content. Amazon CloudFront can certainly help strengthen effectiveness of your existing internet site in the subsequent ways:

Amazon CloudFront will cache static content at every edge destination. This means your common static content (e. g., your site’s custom logo, graphics, cascading style sheets, JavaScript code, etc. ) will be offered at a near by edge destination for the internet browsers to download with minimal latency and superior overall performance for visitors.

Amazon CloudFront proxies requests for dynamic or interactive content back to your source functioning in an AWS Region. Everyone of your end users will be sent to the edge locale nearest to them, in terms of internet latency. Subsequently, their requests are transported back to your source server operating in AWS on connections that Amazon tracks and optimizes for efficiency. Amazon CloudFront also reuses recent connections amongst the CloudFront edge and the source server minimizing connection startup latency for each origin request.

Disseminating Applications or Other Sizeable Information
Amazon CloudFront is a great alternative for computer software coders who intend to deliver software, revisions or additional downloadable applications to end users. Amazon CloudFront’s superior data transfer rates improve downloading your programs, strengthening the customer experience and bringing down your expenditures.

Serving Media Files
If your app consists of rich media – audio or video – which can be repeatedly utilized, you are likely to benefit from Amazon CloudFront’s decreased data transport charges and superior data exchange rates.

Streaming of pre-recorded media: You can present your on-demand media making use of Adobe’s Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) streaming through Amazon CloudFront.

Progressive download of on-demand media: You’ll be able to keep the genuine versions of your media in Amazon CloudFront and configure an Amazon CloudFront download distribution for accelerating download of your video and audio data files.

Presenting live events: Should you need to offer a live event – audio or video – to a universal market, Amazon CloudFront can strengthen capabilities and help offload demands to your origin infrastructure by caching your live media for a quick interval of time and collapsing simultaneous demands for similar media fragment to a reduced quantity of requests directed to the source.

Amazon Import/Export

Amazon Import/Export speeds up transferring sizeable volumes of files into and out of AWS implementing mobile storage devices for transfer. Amazon Import/Export moves your information straight onto and off of storage devices using Amazon’s high-speed internal network and skipping the Internet.

Amazon Import / Export Homepage

Data Migration
When you’ve got data you will want to transfer into the AWS cloud for the first time, AWS Import/Export is normally considerably quicker than transporting that information via the Web.

Content Distribution
Transmit data to your clients on handheld storage devices.

Direct Data Interchange
When you often collect content on handheld storage devices via your business contacts, it is easy to have them transmit it directly to AWS for import into Amazon S3 or Amazon EBS.

Offsite Backup
Distribute total or incremental backups to Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier for efficient and redundant offsite storage.

Disaster Recovery
When you should have to immediately restore a considerable backup located in Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier, employ AWS Import/Export to send the information to a transportable storage device and deliver it to your location.

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