Calendar And Scheduling

Google Calendar

Arrange your day with Google Calendar and receive event reminders on your smartphone or in your inbox. Attach files or documents to your event so you possess the suitable items when your appointment gets going.

Booking Activities
Google Calendar will make it painless to arrange functions and will immediately distribute announcements and record RSVPs thru your inbox.

Calendar Delegation
If somebody helps you organize your work schedule, you are able to make this less difficult by delegating accessibility to that individual. This permits a different user to set up events, reply to invitations and maintain your routine.

Offline Support
The Google Calendar for Google Chrome allows you to check out your agenda and reply to invitations, even though you don’t have an internet link. Your calendar and RSVPs are going to be synced the next time you connect to the internet.

Sync with Desktop Calendar Clients
If you use a desktop calendar application, such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal or Mozilla Sunbird, you’ll be able to keep it in sync with Google Calendar auto-magically.



A solid and easy-to-use conference and appointment scheduler which functions in conjunction with your Google Calendar and aids your company in a diverse assortment of prospect and customer scheduling cases.

Supply many appointment choices
Offer multiple meeting types, each with its own availability and settings, with or without services.

Supply many solutions
Offer multiple services, each with its own settings, for yourself or for your entire team.

Supply many locales
Offer multiple locations, each with its own availability and settings, with or without services.

Admit reservations for spaces & resources
Develop MeetMe pages for spaces and resources and ensure it is uncomplicated to reserve your resources online.

Control scheduling for others
Develop MeetMe pages for the persons you assist and simply allow appointments on their account.

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